This project is funded / co-funded from Norway Grants in the Polish-Norwegian Research Programme operated by the National Centre for Research and Development / Projekt jest finansowany/współfinansowany z funduszy norweskich w ramach Polsko-Norweskiej Współpracy Badawczej


What is our goal?White_Shark_Kayak_140_MB_Sca_n_b©Thomas_P._Peschak_copy_630_393_80

1)         to investigate the effect of increased CO2 level at relevant hydrostatic pressure on dissolution of CO2 and associated processes in seawater

2)         to assess the impact of CO2 on geochemical processes at the interface between sediment and sea-water with particular focus on the rate of mobilization of sediment bound contaminants such as heavy metals

3)         to model the behaviour of elements and compounds in sediments and sea water at different CO2 levels and at relevant hydrostatic pressure

4)         to study the potential effects of leakage on benthic organisms an different levels of biological organisation.